• Behavioral Health

    Mental and substance use disorders are the leading cause of disability worldwide. Stigma and discrimination against patients and families prevent people from seeking mental health care.

    World Health Organization


      Sage Behavioral Health Clinic (SBHC) is licensed with the Arizona State Licensing Board and is contracted with Navajo Regional Behavioral Health Authority to provide counseling services and medication management.

    Hours & Contact Information

      Hours: Monday – Friday 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM. Appointments preferred, walk-ins accepted.

      Phone: 928-755-4586


    • Substance Abuse
    • Domestic Violence
    • Emotional Issues
    • Behavioral Issues

    Sage Behavioral Health clinic is licensed with the Arizona State Licensing Board and is contracted with Navajo Regional Behavioral Health Authority to provide counseling services and medication management. Behavioral health services offered at SBHC encompass mental health assessment and treatment, substance abuse assessment and treatment, psychiatric evaluation, medication services, social services and discharge planning services.

    Counseling services are offered to individuals, couples, groups and families. We use an eclectic approach to treatment including the family systems approach, cognitive behavioral therapy, play therapy and relapse prevention.

    Medication Services include: initial psychiatric evaluation to determine if psychotropic medications are indicated; patient education concerning purpose, benefits, po- tential adverse reactions, side effects and risks of not taking medication; prescription of psychotropic medications; regular patient monitoring to assess benefits, adverse reactions, side effects of prescribed medication; refills of psychotropic medication after appropri-ate medical review; and discontinuation of psychotropic medications when indicated.

    In crisis situations, individuals may be seen on a walk-in basis. Consultations are done at the request of the medical provider for patients who present in the Emergency Room, Medical Surgery Room, and in the Outpatient Clinic. The Department accepts referrals from many sources including sSage Medical Providers, Area Schools, the Navajo Courts, NNRBHA, Navajo Nation Division of Social Services, State and Tribal Probation and Parle Offices, and self-referred walk in patients.

    Counseling Services (individual, group, couple, and family sessions)

    • Substance Abuse
    • Domestic Violence
    • Emotional Issues
    • Behavioral Issues
    • Depression
    • Anxiety
    • “At-risk” youth
    • “At-risk” families
    • Parenting Issues
    • Medication Management
  • Clinics

    Sage Memorial Hospital’s Greasewood Clinic campus is located in the Lower Greasewood community. The clinic provides outpatient and dental services to its patients and is open every Friday from 9:00 am to 3:00pm.

  • Dental

    Sage Memorial Dental Clinic provides services to persons of all ages. We are committed to providing you with professional and quality dental services.

    Sage Dental operates two dental clinics, the main dental clinic is in Poncel Hall of Sage Memorial Hospital, the dental clinic has 8 dental units, a laboratory room, panoramic and state of art sterilization room.

    Sage Memorial Dental Clinic was remodeled in November 2011, currently using Dentrix Computerized Dental Chart System and Digital Radiographs, new equipment for your dental needs.

    The other Dental Clinic is located in Greasewood Arizona, near the elementary school. The clinic has 2 patient rooms with a sterilization area, a panoramic and x-ray machine.

    About our Exceptional Dental Team:

    • Front Office Team comprises of three team-orientated receptionists who will professionally answer your phone calls for dental appointments, greets you with a smile and well welcome you to our dental clinic in the most courteous way and will understand your dental needs.
    • Accounts Representative are a team of two, who will assure your dental claims are processed accurately, apply payments to your account and will provide you a quote for any services you may be receiving.
    • Sage Dental Team have 6 professional DANB Certified Dental Assistants and 5 Radiology Licensed Dental Assistant’s to provide you the best quality care to meet your dental needs. The Dental Assistants will answer your questions or will find the answer for you. Your routine dental appointments are scheduled privately in the operatory, 4- 6 weeks in advance to assist you in your schedules.
    • Providers- Hygienist: Two Registered Dental Hygienist, 1 licensed to give Anesthesia who will carefully clean below your gums, provide Oral Hygiene Instruction and will put you on a 6-month recall system to meet your dental needs, Hygienist will provide you with patient education.
    • Dentists: Sage Dental Clinic currently employs 5 dentists who meet your routine dental needs and emergency toothaches, A walk-in Dentist available daily to treat Emergencies.

    Insurance:  Most Dental Insurances are accepted, HMA and AHCCCS, IHS

    Dental Policy: If unable to give 24 hours’ notice, the appointment is considered a broken appointment (BA’S) A patient with two broken appointments will be rescheduled after three months.  Patients must arrive within 10 minutes or will be considered late and may not be seen if the provider has another appointment, then the patient will be rescheduled.

    There are two dental clinics that the Navajo Health Foundation operates. The main dental clinic is in Poncel Hall of Sage Memorial Hospital located in Ganado, AZ. The dental clinic has 8 patient rooms and a laboratory, panoramic, and sterilization rooms.

    The other is a field dental clinic that is located in Greasewood, AZ, near the Elementary School. The clinic has two patient rooms with a sterilization area and an area for taking Panoramic x-rays.

    The Greasewood Clinic is open:

    9AM to 3PM Monday’s for Cleaning Appointments

    Wednesdays are open for Walkins and Exam/Treatment Appointments

    Greasewood #’s are 928-654-3208/3209

  • Diabetes & Community Health Services Program

    Office Hours:

    Monday – Friday: 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM

    * Closed weekends and observed holidays

    Sage Memorial Hospital Mission Statement:

    Sage Memorial Hospital, Inc. provides quality healthcare services in a fiscally responsible manner focusing on the patients physical, social, and spiritual well-being.

    • Trust
    • Respect
    • Honesty
    • Friendly
    • Loyalty

    Our Mission Statement:

    “Through integration of traditional and western health practices, we continuously strive to foster knowledge, strengthen individual wellness, cultivate self-empowerment, and promot holistic healing to positively impact the life of present and future generations.”

    The Diabetes and Community Health Program continuously strive to serve our patients and community members in meeting personal health care needs and goals through the facilitation and provision of quality healthcare and community outreach services.

    Contact Us:

    Diabetes Services:

    • (928) 755-4813
    • (928) 755-4835

    Community Health Nursing Services:

    • (928) 755-4793
    • (928) 755-4814

    Services we offer:

    • Diabetes self management education and support (DSME/S) one-on-one in a judgement free environment.
    • Diabetes Education classes the first four Tuesdays each month from 2:30 PM to 4:30 PM. Class size is limited to 10. Registration is required.
    • Hemoglobin A1c screening
    • Foot exam (Monofilament)
    • Medication refill / drop-off for CHN clients
    • Home Visits
    • By appointment, personalized physical activity & fitness programs with a fitness trainer
    • Goal setting
    • Wellness coaching

    DM Services Scheduling:

    You may request an appointment by calling (920) 755-4813/4835. Appointment available. Walk-ins for A1C screenings are welcome!

    For more efficient serivce, please contact the Diabetes/Community Health Services Offices prior to your visit.

    We are here to serve you!

    • Have you been recently told you have diabetes?
    • Is it difficult to control your blood glucose levels?
    • Is your A1C greater than 8%?
    • Have you had recent complications related to diabetes requiring treatment?
    • Do you need support in caring for yourself?

    Communities we serve:

    We proudly serve communities within the District 17 area:

    • Ganado
    • Steamboat
    • Klagetoh
    • Wide Ruins
    • Greasewood Springs
    • Cornfields
    • Kinlichee
    • Nazlini

    Other areas – may assist with care coordination.

  • Emergency Room

    In 2010, there were 42.8 ED visits per 100 persons in the United States. The number of emergency department visits resulting in hospital admission was 17.2 million, and number of emergency department visits resulting in admission to a critical care unit was 2.1 million.

    CDC's National Hospital Ambulatory Medical Care Survey

    Sage Memorial Hospital operates a 24-hour Emergency Department which provides acute care for individuals who require immediate, emergency medical services.

    Emergency Room Services

    • Emergency Medical Services
    • Emergency Trauma Care
    • Emergency Medical Transportation (ground & air)
  • Healthcare Management

    Emergency Notification

    Notification must be provided within 72 hours of discharge or admission by calling the Healthcare Management (HCM) Department directly at (928) 755-4644. If you are calling after business hours, please leave a message with the following information:

    1. Name/Date of Birth
    2. Phone Number
    3. Date of Emergency
    4. Facility where you were seen
    5. The reason or diagnosis
    6. Mode of transportation

    * Notification is not a guarantee of payment

    Alternate Resources

    HCM is considered the “payor of last resort”. The use of alternate resources is required when such resources are available and accessible to the individual, such as:

    1. Medicare A and B
    2. State Medicaid (AHCCCS/ALTCS)
    3. State or other federal health programs
    4. Private insurance, etc.
    5. Indian Health Services (IHS) or Tribal health facilities
    6. Workman’s compensation

    For assistance with applying for alternate resources, please contact your Healthcare Management Department at (928) 755-4666 or (928) 755-4847.

    Contact Healthcare Management Offices

    Navajo Health Foundation – Sage Memorial Hospital HCM
    Post Office Box 457
    SR 264, HWY 191
    Ganado, AZ 86505
    Telephone: (928) 755-4666, 4847, 4644
    Fax: (928) 755-4758

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Question: Why are Native American descendants not eligible for Community Health Systems (CHS) off the reservation?

    • Answer: Native American descendants residing off the reservation may be eligible if they meet certain conditions. If not residing on the reservation, such individuals must live within the community health systems’ designated area (CHSDA) and (1) be members of the tribe(s) located on the associated reservations or (2) “maintain close economic and social ties with the tribe(s).”

    Question: If a Sage Memorial Hospital Provider refers me to a specialist, why am I being held responsible for the bill?

    • Answer: Referrals are not a guarantee for payment. Referral is a recommendation for treatment/test only. The HCM Department must review the referral to make the determination for HCM approval for payment. All HCM eligibility requirements must also be met.

    Question: Do I need a referral for every appointment scheduled with a specialist outside Navajo Health Foundation – Sage Memorial Hospital?

    • Answer: YES! If you are a scheduled with a specialist that Sage Memorial Hospital Providers referred, you are responsible for contacting HCM with appointment details. The referral will be presented to the HCM committee for approval. You should always pick up a referral before you go to your scheduled appointment to avoid denial of payment for ALL approved and pre-approved referrals.
  • Laboratory

    As a crucial part for the diagnosis and treatment of illness and disease, laboratory test results typically constitute 70% of a patient’s medical record.

    Headed by Dr. Syed Rizwan Shareef as Laboratory Director, the Laboratory presently employs a Pathologist, a Technical Consultant and a team of 9 technical staff.

    The laboratory is staffed with a highly qualified and trained technical team. They are competent and committed to perform and report accurate lab results from simple CLIA WAVED to MODERATE and HIGH COMPLEXITY LAB TESTS including Cardiac Chemistry, Arterial Blood Gases, Co Oximetry and Urea Breath Test (for active Helicobacter pylori infections), besides the rest.

    Staff members, including Medical Technologists, Medical Laboratory Technicians, and Lab Assistants, hold their degrees and diplomas in medical sciences, besides holding licenses and active certification from respective regulatory bodies. Several staff members are working to enhance their education.


      Dr. Pio M. Sian, MD; Pathologist / Medical Director, 40+ years of experience as physician, and training in clinical pathology

      Dr. Syed Rizwan Shareef PhD; Laboratory Director, 35+ years of experience in diagnostic laboratory sciences

      Polly B Hearing, MT; Technical consultant, 30+ years of experience

      Ms. Jennifer Chua, MT, Interim Technical Supervisor, 10+ years of experience

      Mrs. Shirline Bigwater, MLT, General Supervisor, 30+ years of experience

    There are more than 10 billion laboratory tests performed in the United States each year.

    The Sage Memorial Hospital laboratory is a COLA Accredited High Complexity Diagnostic Laboratory serving our patients and healthcare providers around the clock 365 days a year. It is a completely redesigned, ultra-modern diagnostic laboratory, with state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment and excellent staff members. Different sections of the laboratory include Routine Chemistry, Clinical and Cardiac Chemistry, Hematology, Microbiology, Coagulation, Serology, and the Blood Bank.

    Poncel Hall

    Average turnaround time for most in-house test is 60 minutes, which is only limited by the technical need of the test procedures. Our staff members are trained to recognize the Critical and Panic lab reports which are communicated to the treating physicians on an expedited manner and on an average turnaround time of less than 5 minutes after the results are ready.

    Major Laboratory Equipment

    • Clinical Chemistry and Toxicology
      Vitros 5.1 and Vitros 350
    • Cardiac Chemistry
      Triage Metter
    • Arterial Blood Gasses
    • Cooxy Metry
      Avox 4000
    • HB A1C
      DCA Vantage
    • Urea Breath Test
      PC One
    • Urine Chemistry
      Clinitek Status
    • Urine Drug Screen
      Medtox Scan Reader
    • Blood Glucose Monitoring
      HemoCue Glucose 201 DM Analyzer
    • Hematology
      Cel Dyn Ruby
    • Coagulation
      Coagu Check Plus and Triage Meter
    • Microbiology
      Vitec (2) 15 Compact
    • Blood Culture
      Bactec 9120
  • Medical/Telemetry Unit

    SMH Medical/Telemetry Department

    Sage Memorial Hospital is a licensed Critical Access Hospital which has a pleasing (25) twenty-five bed Medical/Telemetry Unit located on the second floor of the main hospital building. Each room is semi-private and may be converted into a private rooms if necessary, has its own bathroom and area for family or visitors to visit and stay comfortably when needed.

    The Medical/Telemetry Unit provides care for the community members and other neighboring communities in the area requiring either Inpatient Admission to the hospital or Swingbed and Observational Services. Our Medical/Telemetry Registered Nurses, Certified Nursing Assistants and Unit Clerks are highly trained to care and assist for all patients, adult to geriatric and across all-encompassing health issues and needs.

    For more information, please call our extension (928).755.4536/4537

    We are open 24/7 with visiting hours between 10:00 AM to 8:00 PM. No children below 12 years old is permitted to the unit.

  • Optometry

    Optometrists are the only primary eye and vision care providers in more than 3,500 communities nationwide.

    Optometry Department

    The Sage Memorial Optometry Department is committed to providing the highest quality vision care and service to Ganado and the surrounding communities.

    Hours of Operation

    • Monday-Friday 8:00am-5:00pm
    • Saturday-Sunday CLOSED
    • Last Appointment 4:00pm

    Optical Hours

    • Monday-Friday 8:00am-4:30pm
    • Optical (928) 755-4689
    • Patient may purchase prescription eyeglasses in the Eye Clinic Optical. The lenses and frames are available. Limited insurance is accepted (HMA and AHCCCS).

    Emergency Walk-In Hours

    • Monday-Friday 8:00am-4:00pm
    • Close for Lunch 12:00pm-1:00pm

    Our exceptional staff includes:

    Receptionist is in the front office and gladly help with your appointment scheduling, take phone calls and messages, and assist the clinical staff.

    Technicians will interview patients and documents ocular and medical histories, perform a variety of routine tests that provide diagnostic information, administer topical medication as required by the optometrist and assist the optometrist with patient education pertaining to the treatment prescribed.

    Optometrist specializes in function and disorders of the eye, detection of eye disease, and treatment; management of eye disease. An optometrist conduct eye examinations, prescribes prescription eyeglasses, and diagnoses and treats eye diseases and disorders.

    Ophthalmologist treats eye diseases, prescribes medications, and performs eye surgeries to improve vision and eye health, or prevents the worsening of eye and vision-related conditions.

    Optician specializes in filling lens prescriptions, assisting patients with lens and frame selection and fitting.

    Eye Clinic Featured Services

    • Complete comprehensive eye examinations for infants, children, adults and elderly.
    • Treatment for eye injuries.
    • Diabetic eye health assessment is available by appointments.
    • Management of eye diseases.
    • Diagnostic Testing including: Optical Coherence Topography (OCT), Visual Field Perimeters (VF), and Retinal Imaging.
    • Ophthalmology services including cataract consultation, pterygium, glaucoma and eyelid surgery.
    • Referral services to ophthalmology specializing in Glaucoma, Retina, Oculo-plastics and Corneal care.
    • Patient education on eye disorders and disease (Navajo translation available).
    • Eyeglasses may be purchased. Optical store has a selection of adults and kids frames and minor glasses repairs.
    • Emergency On Call services through the Emergency Department evenings and weekends.


    • Appointments
      • Appointments for routine eye examinations may be made on an ongoing basis each day as schedule permits.
    • To Make an Appointment
      • Appointments may be made in person or by telephone. When making appointments, in order to serve you best, you must have your hospital chart number and/or date of birth.
    • If You Are Unable to Keep Your Appointment
      • Please be considerate of other patients and let us know 24 hours prior your appointment so another patient may be seen in your place.
    • If You Miss Your Appointment
      • Please call or come by in person to make another appointment.
    • Eye Emergencies
      • Patients with eye emergencies should come directly to Eye Clinic between 8:00am – 4:00pm during clinic hours. If the emergency occurs after clinic hours, patients need to go to the hospital emergency room.
    • Replacing Original Eyeglass Prescription
      1. Valid ID
      2. “Authorization to release medical information” form must be filled by patient if over 18 years of age.
      3. Processing and wait time may take up to an hour (medical chart request/doctor rewrite prescription)
  • Outpatient Clinic

    Regular health exams and tests can help find problems before they start. They also can help find problems early, when your chances for treatment and cure are better.

    SMH Clinic Hours of Operation
    Monday – Thursday
    8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

    Friday: Closed
    (Closed during all federally recognized holidays)

    SMH Outpatient Pharmacy Hours of Operation
    Monday – Friday: 9:00 a.m. to 9:00p.m.
    Saturday: 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
    Sunday: 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.
    Holidays: 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.

    Outpatient Clinic East: 928-755-4639
    Outpatient Clinic West: 928-755-4642
    Appointment Desk: 928-755-4632
    Outpatient Pharmacy: 928-755-4634/4635


    • Follow-Ups
    • Laboratory/Radiology Test Review
    • Routine Check Ups
    • Child Wellness Exams
    • Sports Physical Exams
    • Employment Physical Exams

    Research shows that seeing our doctors for check-ups can actually save lives, both young and old.

    Quick naps not only improve your alertness, but they also help in decision making, creativity and sensory perception.

    Outpatient Clinic Hours

    • Follow-Ups
    • Laboratory/Radiology Test Review
    • Routine Check Ups
    • Child Wellness Exams
    • Sports Physical Exams
    • Employment Physical Exams
  • Pharmacy

    Pharmacy Department:

    This department comprises of an Outpatient and Inpatient Pharmacy. Outpatient Pharmacy is located on the 1st floor of Poncel Hall and Inpatient Pharmacy is on the 2nd floor in the same building.


    Outpatient Pharmacy dispenses medication to patients with an approved prescription from an authorized provider, offers counseling services to customers, and sells over-the-counter medication to individuals.

    Inpatient Pharmacy compounds medications and delivers them to our Emergency Room and Medical/Telemetry Departments.

    Contact Outpatient & Inpatient Pharmacy

    Navajo Health Foundation – Sage Memorial Hospital Pharmacy
    Post Office Box 457
    SR 264, HWY 191
    Ganado, AZ 86505
    Telephone: (928) 755-4634/4635
    Fax: (928) 755-4763

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Question: What are the pharmacy hours?

    • Answer:
      • Monday through Friday: 09:00 AM – 9:00 PM
      • Saturday: 09:00 AM – 05:00 PM
      • Sunday & Holidays: 10:00 AM – 02:00 PM

    Question: How long do I need to wait for my prescription and/or refill?

    • Answer: Usually, new prescriptions take 30 minutes to complete but it will take longer if the Pharmacist has to clarify with the provider on illegibly written prescriptions. For the refill, it will be ready for pickup on the same day or in 24 hours.


    Policy Information:

    Any controlled substance prescription will be received through our Prescription Monitoring Program.

    In order to pick-up any controlled substance, the customers need to show a valid driver’s license.

  • Physical Therapy

    Physical therapy is a branch of rehabilitative health that uses forms of exercise and equipment which are specifically designed to assist people to either regain or improve their physical abilities.

    Rehabilitation Services at Sage Memorial Hospital

    Physical Therapy

    Who are the Physical Therapists?

    • Physical therapists are rehabilitation specialists trained in evaluation and treatment of problems involving the muscles, bones, and nerves.

    Why Physical Therapy? 

    •  The Early Intervention
      • Early intervention is often the key to successful treatment. Many injuries are successfully treated with the proper physical therapy. Don’t wait; early physical therapy works!
    • The Right Choice
      • Physical therapy is the right choice because it treats the problem rather than the symptom. Physical therapy is often times the least invasive type of treatment available.

    Services for Physical Therapy

    We evaluate and treat:

    • Athletic Injuries
    • Joint and Muscle Pain
    • Motor Vehicle Accident Injuries
    • Post Surgical Patients
    • Work Related Injuries
    • Back and Neck Pain
    • Tension Headaches
    • Strokes
    • Difficulty Walking
    • Poor Balance
    • Arthritis

    Services for Speech-Language Therapy

    We evaluate and treat:

    • Children and Adults
      • Feeding and/or Swallowing Problems
      • Learning Difficulty
      • Physical Disability
      • Language Delay
      • Difficulties in Sound Production
      • Hearing Problems
      • Cleft Palate
      • Stammering/Stuttering
      • Autism Spectrum Disorders
      • Dyslexia
      • Selective Autism
      • Neurological Impairment
      • Voice Problems
      • Physical Disability

    Speech Therapy

    Who are Speech-Language Pathologists?

    • Speech-Language Pathologists (SLP) evaluate, diagnose, and treat speech, language, cognitive-communication and swallowing disorders in individuals of all ages from infants to the elderly.

    Why Speech-Language Therapy?

    • The Early Intervention
      • Early intervention is often the key to successful treatment. Many communication challenges are successfully treated with speech therapy. Don’t wait; early intervention works.
  • Radiology

    Computed tomography (CT) is an imaging procedure that uses special x-ray equipment to create a series of detailed pictures, or scans, of areas inside the body. It is also called computerized tomography and computerized axial tomography (CAT) scanning.

    What our Radiology Department offers:

    High quality Medical imaging services. Imaging in an efficient manner with a Radiologist report within 1 hour.


    Schedule or appointment set up available. Appointments preferred for all procedures.
    Medical Imaging services include: CT (catscan), Diagnostic Radiology (x-ray) and Ultrasound procedures.
    Business hours of operation; 0800 – 1700 hrs. for routine outpatient exams. 24/7 for all emergent type exams.
    Please call between 0800 – 1700 hrs. to schedule.

    #1. CT – All body parts and angiography type procedures, excluding exam specific for cardiac.
    #2. Ultrasound – OB, carotids, upper/lower extremities, thyroids, small organs. Excluding A.B.I., heart echo.
    #3. Diagnostic imaging – All body parts. Modified gastrografin swallow.
    #4. C-Arm – Localization (spine, foreign body), pain management, post reduction process. (coming soon)

    Frequently Asked Questions

    • How long will it take for a diagnostic procedure?
      • Most procedures can take between 15 minutes – I hour.
      • Most reads/interpretation can take 15- minutes – 1 hour. Some procedure require a prep, this can lengthen the entire process.
      • If a procedure requiring a prep such as; CT scan – Oral and I.V. contrast. Oral solution must be consumed within an hour prior to scanning. Some ultrasound procedures require drinking water to fill the bladder prior to an exam or even fasting.
      • Lab work up for values may be necessary such as; HCG (pregnancy 12-50 years of age), renal function must be within normal ranges.
      • It is best to consult with Medical Imaging staff before scheduling an appointment.

    We are here to answer all questions regarding your test and make it as pleasant for you as possible!

  • Hospital Hours

    Our Emergency Department/Urgent Care is open 24 hours 7 days a week.
  • Outpatient Clinics Hours

    • Monday - Friday
      8.00AM - 4.00PM
    • Saturday - Sunday
  • Pharmacy Hours

    • Monday - Friday
      9.00AM - 9.00PM
    • Saturday
      9.00AM - 5.00PM
    • Sunday
      10.00AM - 2.00PM

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Navajo Health Foundation /Sage Memorial Hospital is the nation's first Native - managed comprehensive health care system.