Hoo'zhoo'gii Wellness Center Rules


– Open Monday-Friday
– Closed Saturday and Sundays

All Sage Memorial Hospital employees and their families have full access to use the Hoo’zhoo’gii Wellness Center during its hours of operation. Please visit the Wellness Center for more information about obtaining a free membership.

Sage Memorial Hospital patients with a referral from a medical professional may also use the Wellness Center for health purposes.

To maintain safe environment the following rules will be enforced for everyone. If you do not comply with the rules you will be asked to leave…

  1. Everyone must sign before you enter.
  2. If you work-out you must wear appropriate exercise clothing & athletic shoes
  3. No food drinks or gum allowed in the gym and exercise areas
  4. If you check out equipment, you are responsible if damaged or stolen.
  5. Children 14 years and under must be supervised at all times, unless they have a youth membership on file.
  6. Locker usage is for day use only.
  7. Keep restrooms and locker rooms clean.
  8. No alcohol, tobacco, drugs, or illegal substances.
  9. If you are under the influence you will be asked to leave and/or SMH Security will be notified
  10. Obey all signs that are located in the Hoo’zhoo’gii Wellness Center
  11. Immediately report any facility related injuries or incidents to HWC staff.
  12. Be courteous to everyone.