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    The Office of Philanthropy maintains a database of over 65,000 donors who have contributed to Sage since the early 1970’s. Over the years, we have established treasured relationships with many dear friends of Sage. Many of our donors have supported our mission to deliver quality health care services that integrate Native American medicine with Western medicine.

    For your support, we thank you. We realize that without your enduring support, Sage Memorial Hospital could not survive. Ahe`hee`. (Thank you!).

    Daily, our Philanthropy Office seeks new friends and donors. Annually, we conduct direct mail solicitations in the Fall and Spring. Sage receives thousands of dollars (and the majority of donations) from these direct mail campaigns.

    Gifts from individuals like you account for 83% of Sage’s annual contributions. Grants account for 15% of our contributions while corporations give 2% of Sage’s annual gifts.

    If you want to be added to our mailing list, please register with Sage by emailing us.

    To assist you with how you would like to help Sage fulfill its mission, consider the various options below:

    • Gift Donations
    • Stock Donations
    • Pledges
    • Making a Bequest to Navajo Health Foundation – Sage Memorial Hospital in your Will
    • Equipment or Supply Donations
    • Donations of Southwestern Art or Auction Items
    • Volunteering at Sage
  • Donations

    COMING SOON— Quick and easy donations made securely through our website! Stay tuned for updates!

    A Gift Donation

    No matter what the size, each gift donation makes a difference. Contributions of this manner can be used to support the medical mission of Sage Memorial Foundation in several ways. Your donation could be used to purchase childhood vaccines for patients at all clinical sites, or used to cover expenses transporting elderly patients to and from the hospital, or perhaps used to purchase medical equipment and supplies that are always needed. The use of the funds vary, but inevitably, the funds are used to support operational costs for patient care at the hospital and its clinics.

    Contributions can be mailed to:

    The Navajo Health Foundation
    Sage Memorial Hospital
    P.O Box 5050
    Window Rock, AZ 86515

    You can send inquiries to Sage’s Office of Philanthropy via email at info@sagememorial.com.

    If your employer provides matching funds for donations, please remember to include this information in your correspondence.

    Donate Stock

    Navajo Health Foundation / Sage Memorial Hospital gladly accepts your gift of stock or equities. Lehman Brothers presently manages these investments. If you would like to make this type of gift, please:
    • Contact Sage’s Office of Philanthropy to advise them about your equity donation. Call (928) 755-4735 and we will be happy to assist with your donation.

    Donate Equipment or Supplies

    We appreciate your donating gifts of this nature. Your donation of equipment or other medical gifts are helpful but require careful scrutiny. Sage complies with Federal and State regulations regarding the acquisition of equipment or medical supplies. We also ensure that supplies can be used prior to their expiration date.
    We encourage you to contact us first before shipping these items. Sage’s Office of Philanthropy works directly with its Safety Officer, Materials Management Department and Bio-Medical Engineering Consultant to ensure the items meet regulatory standards.
    If you have further questions, please call Sage’s Office of Philanthropy at (928) 755-4735.

    We thank you in advance for your generous gifts! Ahe`hee`.